Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello Everybody hope you are all well. Here is what we are up to in Ardenza this week.

In the Baby room Suzanne and Geraldine are doing music and dancing with the babies. In circle time the girls will sit with the babies and put on a cd with children’s action songs and get the babies moving. Hopefully the babies might copy the girls' movements and learn to recognise the song. 'The wheels on the bus' and 'If you're happy and you know it'  are great songs that can be sang while sitting down as there are  only hand movements so the smaller babies who aren’t walking yet will get great enjoyment out of it and then for the older babies the girls will stand up and do 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' and the 'hokey pokey'. Suzanne will also play pop music so that the babies can have a disco! For story time and arts and crafts Suzanne will put on classical music so that the babies can relax and have a bit of calm, this will also be nice for babies that are due their naps.
In the toddler room Bernie and Shell are doing Spring with the children. In circle time the girls will talk to the children about how flowers pop up in spring especially the daffodil and how baby lambs and rabbits are born. They will reads stories on spring and look at pictures of flowers. The girls will ask the toddlers about the colours of the flowers and what noises baby lambs make. If the weather is dry the girls will take the kids outside to see if we have any flowers grown yet and look for buds on trees. For arts and crafts they will do lots of flower colouring and crepe paper flowers.

Upstairs the ECCE room and Preschool rooms are doing Jobs and careers.
In circle time Mary Ann, Lisa and Sarah will discuss the different jobs there are and ask them what they would like to be when they are bigger. The girls will ask them what those jobs do and be encouraging to the children that they can be whatever they want to be. The girls will talk about how their job is to be caring, loving and fun and ask the children about what their mommy's and daddy’s jobs are. There will be stories read on different occupations and question and answer sessions while looking at pictures. There will lots of role play done using the dress up clothes and games played. The children will get to colour and trace pictures of people in different jobs. Parents might be encouraged to write down a few details of their job or jobs they do at home so that the girls can discuss it in circle time.

Have a great week!

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