All around the World in Ardenza

All around the World in Ardenza

Hello everybody hope you all had a lovely Valentines and enjoyed your surprises! Here is what the smallies are up to this week!

In the baby room Laura and Lisa are focusing on the letter E so in circle time the girls will be making E sounds and looking at picture books of things beginning with E like elephant and egg. The girls will also be doing their usual stimulating activities like tummy time and soft and hard toys play.

In the toddler room it’s time to pull out the toothbrushes as Bernie and Shell are doing healthy teeth with the toddlers! The girls will discuss their teeth and what we need them for as well as talking about toothbrushes. Shell will provide some fun teeth colouring pages as well as teach the kids songs about brushing your teeth and dazzling smiles. If possible could you send in your toddlers toothbrushes with them next week!

Upstairs in the preschool rooms Suzanne and Mary Ann will be doing careers/jobs with the pre-schoolers. In circle time the girls will talk about the different jobs there are and discuss the different roles in the jobs. The girls will encourage the kids to talk about what job they would like to do and have question and answer sessions on them. Suzanne will provide pictures of people in different careers and provide dress up so the kids can do imaginative play, encouraging them to act out the job they would like. Mary Ann will provide fun activity pages for the kids to colour and learn from. If your pre-schooler has some dress up outfits at home that they like it maybe you could pop them in the bag!

And in the Montessori room it’s time for the kids to learn about the world we live in as Trisha teaches them about geography. Trisha will teach the kids about the world, emphasising different countries with different weather and different customs. Trisha has a wide range of Montessori equipment that are perfect for helping the children understand about the world! She will also provide activity pages for the kids to learn from while colouring.

Enjoy your week!


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