Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello everybody, the holidays are flying by but lots to do in Ardenza! here is what we are up to this week!

In the baby room Suzanne and Kathlyn are teaching the babies about zoo animals. In circle time the girls will sit with the babies and look through zoo story books and pictures pointing out the animal and making the sounds. The babies will get to look at animal flashcards and the girls will do role play acting like the animals. Some of the babies already know the sounds some animals make so hopefully they will make the sounds too and the younger babies will copy. There will be lots of jumping around like monkeys, roaring like lions and snapping like crocodiles! The girls will sing 5 little monkeys and the animals in the zoo and help the babies do the animal train puzzle. There will be lots of arts and crafts done like handprint giraffes and monkey faces so the babies will have lots to do this week.

In the toddler room it’s time to learn about the beach as Bernie and Laura teach the children all about the beach. In circle time the girls will talk about beach safety, what activities we do at the beach and the creatures that live at the beach. The girls will talk about their trips to the beach and what they did and ask the children about their trips. They will read stories on the beach and learn new songs about it. There will be lots of role play at the beach using the sand pit and outside the girls will bring out a blanket and the tea set with the kids and pretend to have a picnic at the beach. the girls will help the children use their imagination by asking them questions and pretending there is water and sea creatures around them. There will be lots of beach pictures to colour and fishes to paint.

Upstairs the preschool rooms are learning about Autumn as the seasons change. In circle time Shell, Mary Ann and Lisa will talk about the slight weather change, the change in flowers and how the trees shed their leaves. They will look at pictures of how nature changes and tall about the colours that autumn brings. As nature changes the girls will create a nature table so that children can being in any leaves they find. The seasons book will be read and there will be autumn activity sheets to colour.

Have a great week!

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