Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello everybody I hope everybody has settled back into the routine of school and preschool again! Here is what we are up to in Ardenza this week!

In the baby room it’s all about family as the girls try and help the babies with those precious first words. In circle time Suzanne will put the babies’ family photo board on the mat and let the babies see their family pictures. She will point out mammy, daddy and whoever else is in the picture and sound out the words and encourage them to copy. She will continue to sound them out throughout the daily activities to help the babies with their words. The girls will chat to the babies about the pictures and sing songs like I love you. Suzanne will read stories like I love you always and night night sleepyhead which focus on family love. The babies will also get to do painting and sensory activities that make them happy.

In the toddler room Bernie and Laura are doing the Alphabet. In circle time the girls will sing the alphabet song and look through letter books. Bernie will name out items in the room and sound out the words emphasising the letters. The toddler room has lots of alphabet puzzles and jigsaws and the girls will sit with them helping and encouraging them to find the letters and to complete the puzzles. For arts and crafts the children will get to colour and paint letter activity sheets.

Upstairs in the preschool and ECCE rooms they are learning about social graces.

Seeing as they are big boys and girls now upstairs Shell, Mary Ann and Lisa will show them how they can use their manner and to be kind and respectful to each other.

In circle time the girls will talk to them about when the appropriate times to say please, thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry are and do role play situations. It may be confusing for the younger class but Mary Ann will explain it as best she can at their level of understanding. For the older class Shell and Lisa will talk to them about sitting down at the table to eat, using cutlery, small spoons of food, taking your time eating and putting rubbish in the bin after them. For toilet breaks the girls will chat about waiting turns for the toilet, flushing the toilet and washing the hands. The girls would encourage manners anyway in the crèche throughout the day giving them reminders and praising them for using them.  The girls will also give stickers to children who use their manners as a reward reinforcing positive behaviour.

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