Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello everyone here is what we are up to this week in Ardenza.

In the baby room Laura and Rachel are teaching the babies the colour yellow so in circle time the girls will fill the yellow basket with yellow toys and encourage the babies to explore them. The girls will name out the colour, and look through colour books pointing out the colour. The girls will let the babies explore yellow paint and playdough and help them build yellow towers with the blocks. Colour and rainbow songs will be sang also.

In the toddler room Bernie and Mary Ann are doing the alphabet with the toddlers. In circle time the girls will look through alphabet books, sing the alphabet song and name out children’s names in the room that begin with certain letters. Bernie will show them letter flash cards with matching pictures and Mary Ann will do letter puzzles with them. For arts and crafts there will be letters made and coloured.

Upstairs the ECCE room and preschool rooms are doing Valentines.

In circle time Shell, Lisa and Lydia will discuss love and how we show people we love and care for them. The girls will talk about how you show love through kindness, respect and caring and talk about everyday things you can do to show someone you love them. The girls will ask the children about things they love about others and themselves and ask them to draw pictures of them showing love. For arts and crafts the children will get to make beautiful loving cards and gifts for the ones they love and the girls will do role play through the emotion puppets on showing love.

Have a great week!

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