Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello all!!!


In the baby room this week we will be learning all about music and dancing!! Laura and Rachel will be encouraging all the babies to move with music and rhyme.  They will also have music on in the background when doing various activities so that even the smaller babies that cannot stand yet will get a feel of the rhythm and can do hand movements and we are sure there will be some dodgy dance moves from the girls during the week!!!


Maryann will be discussing spring with the toddlers. The girls will be reading stories about flowers blooming in spring especially the daffodil and hopefully our own daffodils will be in bloom so everyone can go outside to see them! Maryann and Bernie will also talk about hibernation being over and how it is time for the bears to come out of their caves and that now is the time for baby lambs and rabbits etc to be born! There will be plenty of colouring from the children of the new baby animals and also the leaves going back on the tress and the brightly coloured flowers!


Upstairs in the ECCE rooms it is all about pets! Michelle, Lisa and Lydia will be talking about the variety of pets that everyone has.  They will tell the children about how it is important to care for pets and ask the children how they take care of their own pets if they have them.  The children will be involved in role play as they pretend to have a pet and be a pet.  The children will also learn about how important it is to be careful around pets especially ones you do not know well.  A lot of requests for pets may be made this week!!

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