Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello everyone!! Here is what we are busy with this week in Ardenza!

In the baby room Rachel and Laura will be teaching the children all about the colour red. Red items will be placed in the red baskets and Laura and Rachel will say the word red so the children can associate the word with the colour. In circle time the rainbow song will be sung and the babies can look through the red colour books.  There may also be some sensory play with red pasta and arts and crafts will be filled with red paint and glitter!!

In the toddler room Bernie and Maryann will be focusing on counting. Bernie will be counting with the children at circle time while Maryann will have plenty of activity sheets for the children to help them count from one to three. There will be a lot of book reading also as the children look through the books to find the numbers and try to count everyday objects together!!

In the preschool and ECCE classes we will be learning all about the different parts of the body. The children will be asked what parts of the body they know and learn about parts that they don’t know about. They will learn what some body parts do and will be dancing along to tumble tots and hullabaloo which will help them recognise all the body parts!!

Have a great week!!!

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