Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello everyone!!

Thanks for supporting pyjama day on Friday it was a great success and a great day was had by children and the teachers!!!

In the baby room this week the little ones will be learning all about the nursery rhyme Round and Round the Garden. Laura and Rachel will be showing the babies the actions of the song during circle time and will have a lot of arts and crafts which will help the babies learn all about gardens and teddy bears. The babies will also get to explore the garden in the crèche and see what they find!!

In the toddler room Maryann and Bernie will be learning all about farm animals. In circle time the girls will discuss what animals live on farms, the noises they make, what they give the farmer and what they look like.  Bernie will show the children pictures of a farm, read stories and ask them questions on them. Maryann will do role play using the toy farm animals and also provide farm animals activity sheets to colour.

Upstairs in the preschool and ECCE rooms Michelle, Lisa and Lydia will be telling the children about fire safety. In circle time Shell, Lydia and Lisa will talk to the children about fire and how dangerous it is.  They will have discussions on what can happen in certain situations with fire and how it is not a thing we play with. They will talk about what happens if there is a fire and how toys and objects must stay behind and new ones can be bought. If possible parents might send in their fire plan that they have at home and what you do when there’s a fire. The girls will do fire drills in the crèche and do role play of fire safety. There will be lots of firemen and women to colour and dressing up fun in fire safety costumes.

Have a great week.

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