Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello all.  Here is what we are getting up to this week in Ardenza.

In the baby room Laura and Rachel are doing the story of the Gingerbread man with the babies.  in circle time the girls will sit the babies down with blankets and cushions and read the story slowly, pointing out images and sounding out words. The girls will ask the babies what noises the animals in the story make and familiarise them with phrases like run run and the fox goes snap. The babies will make loads of arts and crafts in relation to the Gingerbread man and the baby room also has a cd story time of the gingerbread man which will be played throughout the day.

In the toddler room Maryann and Bernie are doing senses with the children. In circle time the girls will point out where our sense are and how we use them.  They will ask the children where their senses are. Each day they will do a different sense and focus on that sense. They will feel different textures, listen to different sounds and look at lot of coloured pictures and try and describe them. Maryann will provide senses activity sheets for the toddlers to colour and arts and crafts.

Upstairs the pre-schoolers and ECCE room are also doing senses.

In circle time Michelle, Lisa and Lydia will chat to the children about what our senses are, where they are and what we use them for. They will ask the children to do demonstrations on how we use our senses and each day the children will learn about a different sense. For hearing the girls will play different sounds on the cd player and play listening games, for touch the children will feel different textures and do blindfolding games where they have to guess what their touching, for seeing the kids will play I spy and talk about things they see in the room and out the window and for taste they will try different foods with different tastes.

The children will do colouring and paining to show how they use their senses.

A busy week ahead for all!!!

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