Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello everyone as summer is fast approaching please remember to send in sun cream and sun hats for the children!!!

We have a jam packed week ahead in Ardenza!

In the baby room Laura and Rachel are doing the wheels on the bus with the babies. in circle time the girls will sing the song and do the actions, helping and encouraging them to move along. They will look at pictures of buses and read stories on bus trips. The baby room is located in the front of the crèche so they are lucky enough to see the bus outside the window so every time the bus stops the girls will sing the song and show the babies it. The girls will also ensure there are plenty of arts and crafts “on board” so the babies can paint, draw and colour!!

In the toddler room Bernie and Sinead will be telling the children all about baby animals and their mummies.  The girls will show the children books on animals and their mums and explain where each animals lives with its mummy.  There will be a lot of role play as the girls pretend to be the mummy animals and the children pretend to be the baby animal and of course vice versa!!  The children will also be doing some arts and crafts which they love!!

Upstairs the ECCE rooms are doing summer so in circle time Shell, Lisa and Lydia will discuss how the weather gets warmer, flowers come out, new insects like lady birds, butterflies and bees come out to enjoy the sun and trips to the beach. They will also explain how the weather likes to change its mind a lot! They will do question and answer sessions on beach safety, clothes we wear in the summer and  holidays. There will be sand play done to encourage imagination for the beach and lots of beautiful arts and crafts to display on the wall.

Hope you all have a great week!!

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