Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello all, this is what we are up to this week in Ardenza!!

In the baby room Laura and Rachel will be doing parts of the body.  The girls will be singing heads shoulders knees and toes and pointing out the parts for the song to the babies.  In circle time they will be showing the children different parts of the body and emphasising where each part is with repetition.  There will be of course a lot of arts and crafts also!!

In the toddler room Bernie and Sinead will be doing story time!!  This will be a big hit for the children as they already love their story time.  The girls will ask the children to bring in their favourite stories and will read them to them all at circle time and they will also be able to colour pictures of their favourite stories which Bernie and Sinead will produce for them.

In the ECCE preschools Michelle, Lisa and Lydia will be doing flowers with all the children.  The girls will discuss with the children how flowers grow , the different types of flowers and how to take care of them.  They all will also be able to plant some flowers and hopefully see the progress as they grow!!

As you can see a busy week ahead for all!!

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