Latest from Ardenza

Latest from Ardenza

Hello everyone,

Here is what we are up to this week in Ardenza!!

In the baby room Laura and Rachel will be encouraging the babies to exercise outdoors.  The babies will be guided through all the outdoor activities such as the slide and see saw and Laura and Rachel will be singing rhymes and songs to give the babies confidence when doing these activities.

In the toddler room Bernie and Sinead will be talking about the beach. In circle time the girls will be discussing everyones experiences on the beach and if anyone wants to bring in shells or anything else associated with the beach this would be great!! There will be role play with sand and water play to pretend the children are in the beach and arts and crafts. Hopefully we will get the weather to go with the theme!!

In the ECCE preschools Michelle, Lydia and Lisa will be discussing transport.  The girls will be talking about the different forms of transport there is and at circle time they will talk about the experiences everyone has had using the varies types of transport and of course there will be role play so you may hear a train or plane nearby this week!!

Hope everyone has a good week!!!

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