Latest fromArdenza

Latest fromArdenza

Hello everyone! Here is what your smallies are up to this week in Ardenza!

In the baby room Suzanne and Laura are doing sensory play with the babies. All week long the babies will get a chance to explore their senses through a wide range of safe material. They will explore crepe paper, cotton wool, empty bottles, beads, netting, tinfoil, brushes and boxes and the girls will provide equipment like shovels and spoons for the babies to transfer items to boxes and different parts of the room.  As we know sometimes the box the toy comes in is more exciting than the toy so lots of fun and investigating this week for the babies!

In the toddler room Bernie and Mary Ann are doing teddy bears with the children. Each child will be encouraged to bring in a teddy from home and each day the girls will do activities with them. Teddies will be invited to snack time and dinner time, having their own table and at nap times the kids can put them into their own little bed next to theirs. In circle time the girls will sing teddy bear teddy bear and teddy bears picnic asking the children to dance with their teddies and for story time the teddies must listen as good as the children do! Bernie and Mary Ann will give the children clothes to dress up teddy and encourage role play using the kitchen and shop. The children will also get to colour teddy bear activity pages.

Upstairs the ECCE rooms and preschool room are doing Chinese New Year.

This year it’s the year of the rooster so in circle times Rachel, Lydia and Lisa will explain how it’s a big celebration in china and a different animal is used each year. The girls will show the children pictures of the celebrations and rooster and encourage them to say Gong Xi Fa Cai which mean Happy Chinese New Year. It will be a week of celebrating Chinese culture so the children will get to do lots of beautiful colourful arts and crafts using paint, glitter, crepe paper and rice to make oriental paintings. The children will also make dragon masks and use them for role play.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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