Mothers Day in Ardenza

Mothers Day in Ardenza

Hello Everybody! This week it’s all about mummy so it’s time to spoil the fantastic mothers in Ardenza as we celebrate Mother’s day! Its Sunday March 6th just as a reminder to daddy’s!
In the baby room Suzanne and Geraldine will sit with the babies and their family pictures and point out mummy to babies and talk about mummy and sing 'I Love You'. The girls will do lots of arts and crafts with the babies to make some personal mother’s day gifts for mummy which are a lovely keep sake to look back on in years to come.

In the toddler room Bernie and Shell will also point out mummy from pictures in circle time. The girls will ask the toddlers to describe mummy as best they can and ask them questions about what they like doing with mummy. They will read stories like I love you always and good night sleepy head and also sing I love you. The girls will also make mother’s day cards through arts and crafts with the toddlers and do role play through the dollies and buggies pretending to be mummies.

Upstairs in the ECCE room and preschool room, in circle time Mary Ann, Lisa and Sarah will talk to the children about what they love about mummy, what their mummy does for them, what their favourite thing about mummy is and how they can show mummy they love them. They will look at pictures and do question and answers on mummy and talk about ways they can make mummy’s mother day special. There will be role play done and play time pretending to be mummy’s and the girls will ask the children to draw pictures of mummy. They will be some surprises made for mummy in both arts and crafts and cooking so it will be a lovely week for mummy!

Happy Mother’s day to all the fantastic and hard working mothers in Ardenza!

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