Teddy Bear week in Ardenza

Teddy Bear week in Ardenza

Hello Everybody! Here is what we are up to this week in Ardenza.

In the Baby room Suzanne and Geraldine are doing the colour red with the babies. In circle time the girls will fill the red basket with red toys and interact with the babies using these red toys, repeating the word red and sing the rainbow colour song. The babies will get to do red painting and sensory play using red pasta and red glitter in water play. They will also look through red colour books.
In the toddler room its teddy bear week so Shell and Bernie will ask that parents send in teddies with the kids. In circle time the children will sit with their teddies and Bernie and Shell will ask them questions about their teddies like what do they like about teddy, what they like doing with teddy and what teddy likes about them. They will have a teddy bear picnic using blankets, tea set and plastic food and teddys will get to sit with children during snack times and activities and of course nap time! It will be a great week of fun, imagination and cuddling in the toddler room this week!

Upstairs the ECCE room and preschool rooms are doing pets.
In circle time Mary Ann, Sarah and Lisa will discuss what pets are and how it is important to care for them. The girls will discuss their pets and send the children on a mission in the crèche to ask the other girls in the crèche about their pets, giving them some questions to ask them! We’ll see how much information the children can collect! The girls will ask the children to describe their pets and how they care for them. The girls will talk pet safety and being gentle and kind to animals as well as being cautious. The pre-schoolers will do lots of colouring and tracing of pets and do role play using the toy stuffed animals.
A lovely week of learning ahead!
Enjoy your week!

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