This Week at Ardenza

This Week at Ardenza

In the baby room this week Laura and Lisa are continuing on with senses again this week as it’s such a nice bonding theme to do with the babies. So the girls will do more massages, sensory activities and one to one interaction with the babies.

In the toddler room the kids are learning all about transport. Bernie and Shell will discuss the different modes of transport in circle time and simplify it for the toddlers for example the car takes us to crèche or the bus takes us to town. They will learn about the different sounds they make and their different sizes. Bernie will show them pictures of different transport and sing songs like the wheels on the bus and flying in an airplane.  Shell will provide lovely pictures for colouring and Bernie Shell and the kids will hopefully do a bit of bus and plane spotting!

Upstairs in the preschool rooms it’s time to learn about spring seeing as its fast approaching! In circle time Suzanne and Mary Ann will discuss the changes in the weather and nature and make some adjustments to the seasonal tree. The girls will go through the spring section of the seasons book and show the kids pictures of daffodil, animals in spring and trees in spring. The kids will learn some new spring songs and hopefully if the weather is dry go outside and look and see if the buds have started on the branches yet. There will also be plenty of daffodil crafts and pictures for the seasonal tree.

And In the Montessori room it’s all about the children as the theme is all about me. Trisha will get the children to open up about themselves about their likes and dislikes and their family. She will emphasise how everybody is different and special in their own way and get the kids to make collages of themselves. She will ask them to pair up and describe each other and communicate together. They will also talk about what makes them special and do some colouring.

Hope you have a good week from all at Ardenza!

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